Lessons & rental prices


«Beginner SUP lesson 1,5 h»

We will bring you to the best SUP spot of the day in the area around Peniche.

We have several options; beacuse Peniche is a peninsula we can always find calm water suitable for SUP on either the north or the south side. There is also calm lakes nearby.

The lesson includes:

  • Warm upPeniche SUP School surfmyday
  • Gear: SUP board, paddle, leash and wetsuit if needed
  • Transport 
  • Insurance
  • Entering/Exit the board safetly
  • Proper turnings
  • Paddle technique
  • How to get up on the board if you fall into the water
  • Playtime

~35 eur~

«SUP Lesson 1/2 day in Obidós Lagoon –

Including BBQ lunch»

This lagoon stretches to a maximum lenght of 6 kilometers and a width that varies from 1 to 1,5 kilometers.
It´s surrounded by quiet walks and beautiful cycle tracks. The Lagoon of Óbidos has a very sensitive ecological ecosystem.


Includes same as Beginner lesson +Peniche SUP Obidos Lagoon

  • Healthy BBQ lunch and non alcoholic drink
  • Photos

~60 eur~ Minimum 4 ppl

~45 eur~ Beginner lesson without lunch in the Lagoon




«1 day Island adventure»

Explore Berlenga Island from a SUP

The Berlengas archipelago is a group of small islands 45 min boatride from Peniche Around the island there are beaches and several caves, its waters are very clean with barrier reefs and vibrant marine life.

Includes same as Beginner lesson +peniche sup school

  • Boat transport
  • Non alcoholic drink
  • Photos
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Island guiding

~80 eur~


«Rent a board, paddle & leash»

2 hours = 25 eur
4 hours = 45 eur
1 day = 50 eur

Rental rules:
1 .Id card & credit card required.
2. Rental hours: From 9.30 to 19.30 monday- sunday. Please send us an email before.
3 .The client must bring all the equipment back in the same condition as when picked up.


Email for booking: emmadahl@surfmyday.com